Patrician games are a series of trading simulators. In Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse (originally released as "Patrician II Gold"), the player starts as an insignificant trader who strives to gain wealth and recognition, in order to gain political influence and ultimately become the leader of the Hanseatic League.

The main task is to supply the Hanseatic towns with sufficient quantities of merchandise. That can be accomplished by transporting goods from town to town, and later by building multiple production facilities to meet the increasing demand, improve the cities and even build new towns.

During the game the player will have to defend his empire from pirates and marauders, undertake various missions, and might even become a pirate himself to obtain supreme power...

Patrician3 screenshot 1.jpg
One of the starting cities
Patrician3 screenshot 2.jpg
A developed city
Patrician3 screenshot 3.jpg
Seasonal changes
Patrician3 screenshot 4.jpg
Part of the sea map
Patrician3 screenshot 5.jpg
A mission in the tavern
Patrician3 screenshot 6.jpg
Raid of a pirate hideout

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