Wedding supply orders are sometimes offered as missions in the game.

The person that contacts you will ask you to deliver a large amount of the following goods to one of your warehouses:
Grain Grain
Fish Fish
Meat Meat
Wine Wine
Beer Beer
Honey Honey

Completing this mission will result in a large reputation boost, as well as a very large fee, usually above 100,000. While you will likely have to purchase some items, you will be given around 20 days to accomplish this goal. Having multiple ships will make it easier to purchase most of these items at low pricing from the ports in the Hanse area.

The amount of required goods most likely depends on your social class, company value, reputation, and town population.

Reported amounts:

  • 25Grain, 25Meat/Fish, 220Wine/Beer, 115Honey
  • 25Grain, 20Meat/Fish, 180Wine/Beer, 80Honey
  • 25Grain, 20Meat/Fish, 205Wine/Beer, 100Honey (Financial reward: 115.000Gold)
  • 42Grain, 28Meat/Fish, 273Wine/Beer, 126Honey (Financial reward: 155.000Gold)
  • 42Grain, 28Meat/Fish, 287Wine/Beer, 140Honey (Financial reward: 160.000Gold)
  • 56Grain, 40Meat/Fish, 320Wine/Beer, 152Honey (Financial reward: 194.363Gold, value of goods: 154792Gold)

It appears that the reward is approximately 25% over the average value of the goods, which places it somewhere in the middle of the high/low profit trading (which typically has a range of 5-50% markup).

This mission is a decent opportunity to sell large stocks of merchandise at a fair price, not unlike expeditions.

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