Key parts of this section are based on information from the german tips collection.

Trade Prices

This is a list of suggested buying and selling prices. Also included is the lowest selling price that affects the satisfaction of the citizens.

While it's important to make profit by selling goods at high prices, a balance between profit and citizen happiness is also very beneficial, particularly for the critical 'Big Four' goods. Selling below the satisfaction price will not affect the happiness of the citizens, but it can act as a buffer in case of a crisis that affects production, and it reduces the storage costs of cheap bulky goods such as grain.

Goods Buying Price Selling Price Max Satisfaction
Beer Beer35-4044-6040
Bricks Bricks80130-140-
Cloth Cloth220340-350242
Fish Fish450490-540515
Grain Grain90140-160141
Hemp Hemp400500-600-
Honey Honey110160-180128
Iron goods Iron Goods320430-450300
Leather Leather250300-340262
Meat Meat9001250-15001120
Pig iron Pig Iron850-9501200-1300-
Pitch Pitch60100-120-
Pottery Pottery170230-250200
Salt Salt2533-5032
Skins Skins850900-1400791
Spices Spices280350-400327
Timber Timber5575-9570
Whale oil Whale Oil70-75100-15096
Wine Wine230350-400257
Wool Wool90013001030

Importance of goods

These are the goods that each class of citizens requires to stay happy.

Importance only means whether the goods increase the satisfaction of the citizens, not whether those citizens consume them. Some classes consume goods that do not affect their happiness (for example, poor citizens consume cloth and iron goods, which are not important to them and do not satisfy them).

Goods Importance (poor) Importance (wealthy) Importance (rich)
Big Four
Beer Beer12%12%4%
Fish Fish12%12%4%
Grain Grain16%8%5%
Timber Timber12%8%6%
Consumption Goods
Leather Leather8%4%4%
Meat Meat8%8%10%
Pottery Pottery8%4%6%
Salt Salt8%4%4%
Whale oil Whale Oil8%8%6%
Wool Wool8%12%4%
Luxury Goods
Cloth Cloth-8%10%
Honey Honey-4%6%
Iron goods Iron Goods-4%4%
Skins Skins-4%6%
Spices Spices--6%
Wine Wine-4%10%
Raw Materials
Bricks Bricks---
Hemp Hemp---
Pig iron Pig Iron---
Pitch Pitch---
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