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"You are a young small shopkeeper from a rich Luebeck family. Your private tutor gave you a good comprehensive education, which even at that time anticipated the enlightening spirit of the renaissance. The world to which you are going is marked by deep religiousness and a sailor's superstitious belief in the ship's kobold. Will you make it as a competent trader in this world, as your father before you?"

As a special feature of this campaign, the ship crews are prone to superstitions. Frequent ghost ship sightings and kobold rumors will sometimes cause mutinies, and in some cases the crew will even jump ship altogether.


Good luck!
Objective: Achieve the rank of Merchant.

The campaign starts with a letter from your father, who wants you to achieve the rank of trader (which in this case means Merchant).

Objective: Achieve the rank of Merchant.

Your father sends you another letter, warning you about the ghost ship "Flying Trader" and the Kobold.

As soon as you become a Merchant, you receive bad news - your mother fell ill.

Joy and sorrow
Your father informs you that your mather passed away.

Long Distance Merchant
Objective: Achieve the rank of Travelling Merchant.

Your father sends you 50,000Gold.png, and gives you the task of becoming a long distance merchant (Travelling Merchant). Once you achieve that rank, he will tell you a secret he has been keeping for many years.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Travelling Merchant.

Your father offers you some advice on getting married, which is beneficial to your reputation and may even make the Kobold show you mercy.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Travelling Merchant.

Your servant Karl informs you that your father's state of mind is becoming worse. He is having more nightmares than usual, refuses to leave the house or let anyone but the priest in. Karl urges you to hurry and become a long distance merchant before your father's condition becomes even worse.

Father's Death
As soon as you become a Travelling Merchant, you receive tragic news, your father has passed away.

Your father has taken his secret to his grave, but Karl knows that it must have something to do with the "Flying Trader", and that one of your father's old colleagues may know something about it.

Vanderdeeken, a patrician from Bremen, introduces himself as a good friend of your father and offers you his condolences.

The Helmsman
Objective: Visit Riga.

Karl has found the name and address of your father's colleague. His name is Jacob Blank, also known as The Helmsman, and you should look for him in Riga.

Confidential information
Objective: Achieve the rank of Councillor (in any town), gain some reputation in Riga.

The Mayor of Riga responds to your inquiries about Jacob Blank. Apparently there's some shady history surrounding this character, and all relevant information is confidential. If you want to find out more, you will have to become a councillor, as well as earn a certain reputation in Riga.

Objective: Visit Edinburgh.

As soon as you are promoted to the rank of Councillor, the Mayor of Riga informs you that Jacob Blank was exiled from all Hansa towns for many offences. His last known whereabouts is Edinburgh, which is where you need to look next.

Good Advice
Objective: Visit Edinburgh.

Vanderdeeken sends you a message and warns you to stop digging into your father's affairs.

Dubious assistance
Objective: Gain some reputation in the underworld ("your name is being mentioned by the underworld").

A suspicious character in Edinburgh tells you that Jacob Blank is hiding among the less reputable townsfolk. He claims that the information you need will become available once you gain enough reputation in the underworld.

You can achieve that by doing illegal actions, such as hiring pirates in the tavern, plundering ships and raiding towns as a pirate yourself. You can see what your underworld reputation is in your Trading Office (only a small increase is needed for this mission).

Objective: Visit Stettin.

As soon as your underworld reputation improves, you will receive the name of the town where Jacob Blank is hiding.

Jacob Blank
Objective: Dock in Stettin, and transport Jacob Blank to Luebeck.

When you arrive in Stettin, Jacob Blank gets in touch with you. Blank promises to tell you everything he knows about the "Flying Trader", but first you must take him to Luebeck on one of your ships.

As soon as your ship docks in Luebeck, you receive an official letter. All your assets become property of the patrician Vanderdeeken of Bremen. You are left with 10,000 gold, two ships and your trading offices.

Vanderdeeken contacts you to let you know that he "generously" leaves you your trading office in Luebeck, and warns you to stay out of his way in the future.

Journey home
Objective: Transport Jacob Blank back to Stettin.

Jacob Blank asks you to take him back to Stettin, where he'll tell you everything about the "Flying Trader" and the curse that afflicted your father.

Devil's Ship
Blank tells you the story of the "Flying Trader".

Objective: Prepare a warship (ship suitable as convoy leader).

Blank tells you about the terrible fate of the "Dawn Greeting", and promises to give you a map of its last known location if you can get a ship that can be used as a warship.

Objective: Increase the population of Stettin to 3500.

As you prepare a warship, Stettin is struck by a series of disasters. Blank blames himself for the misfortune of the town, believing it happened because he talked about his escape from the "Flying Trader". He will not talk to you until Stettin is rebuilt. You have to increase the population of Stettin to 3500.

Sorry figure
Objective: Increase the population of Stettin to 3500.

Vanderdeeken is once again tells you that your efforts are futile. He blames Blank for the disasters of Stettin.

Objective: Prepare a warship (ship suitable as convoy leader).

Your success in rebuilding Stettin has impressed Blank. He promises once again to tell you where the "Flying Trader" can be found, as soon as you have a warship. When you fulfill that requirement, you receive a map.

Musty Old Hulk
After you send your warship to the position marked on the map, you receive a message from her helmsman. All they found was a derelict hulk with tattered sails. They searched it, and sank it according to your orders.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Lord Mayor in Bremen.

Blank feels relieved after learning that you survived the encounter with the ghost ship, believing you broke the curse. He gives you his blessings, hoping that you will become mayor in Bremen, and put Vanderdeeken in his place.

Now you have to plan your move to Bremen. Build a trading office there, if you haven't already. As soon as you have enough gold for the journey, click "move" in the office menu.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Lord Mayor in Bremen.

Your servant Karl congratulates you, and tells you that your plans to become mayor of Bremen have become known throughout the Hanse, and many citizens are supporting you.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Lord Mayor in Bremen.

Vanderdeeken has heard of your plans, and sent you another pompous warning.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Lord Mayor in Bremen.

Jacob Blank dies, and you are his sole heir. You receive 500,000Gold.png.

Objective: Achieve the rank of Lord Mayor in Bremen.

As you progress up the ranks of Bremen, Vanderdeeken sends you another ominous message, asserting that your fortune may have been acquired through illegal means.

After you become Lord Mayor of Bremen, the local Post office informs you that they have an old letter addressed to "Mayor Jantzen of Bremen".


The letter is written by Jacob Blank, who finally tells you the terrible truth about his and your father's misdeeds. He warns you not to touch any of their ill-gotten gold.

The patrician sends you a spiteful letter promising revenge. The end.

Ghost ship

These events are randomly appearing during the campaign, and can affect the morale of a ship's crew.

Ghost ship
One of your ship helmsmen warns you about rumors of a ghost ship, and their effect on the morale of the crew.

Ghost ship
Now even your own sailors claim that they saw the ghost ship, while there are more rumors about missing ships in taverns. As a result, one of your ships has a lowered crew morale.


These events are randomly appearing during the campaign, and can affect the morale of a ship's crew.

New rumors about the Kobold are spreading among the crew.

Crew morale was boosted again by telling them that your honesty may keep the Kobold from leaving the ship.

According to another story, the Kobold took an entire ship, while only one crew memer managed to escape.

One of your helmsmen informs you that his crew is afraid that the Kobold is about to abandon their ship, which would doom the crew. The sailors on that ship become mutinous.

The crew of one of your ships has fled, fearing the Kobold. You have to hire new sailors.