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(trade routes, prices, expeditions and administrators)

City Buildings - Businesses - Fortifications
(everything there is to know about buildings)

(explanation of reputation and ranks)

Town Guards - Siege
(concepts of ground combat)

Ships - Ship Weapons - Naval Combat - Piracy
(all about ships and how to use them)

Reputation guidelines - Newbie Aid by Kquis - Turkish Building Technique - Campaign
(Beginner and Advanced gameplay)

Patrician III Modding - Installation
(Setup and modding)

Page list
(all the pages on the wiki)

Quick links

Celebration - Treasure Maps - Expedition Map - Downloads - Tips collection (English/German)

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Community and resources:

Portal patrizierforumnet.jpg

English section of the primarily German forum

Portal rjosephs.jpg

R. Josephs' resource site for Patrician series

Post bar for Patrician III

Chinese fansite for Patrician III


An open source version of Patrician 2/3

Steam Community - Patrician III

Steam Community of Patrician III

La Lega Anseatica - L'Impero dei Caraibi

Italian forum about Patrician and Port Royale series

Defunct websites: Accessible only trough WaybackMachine, but maybe you can still recover some useful discussion

Portal russian fansite.jpg

Russian fansite for Patrician III

Portal piratescove.jpg

Resource and strategy site for Patrician series