Patrician III Wiki

Starting towns in Patrician 3 are classified as Hanseatic Towns, Hanseatic Trading Offices and Hanseatic Trading Stations.

Players also have the option to create two Hanseatic Settlements once they become canditates for the position of Alderman.

Hanseatic Town

A player can choose a Hanseatic Town to be his hometown at the start of the game, or move their hometown to another Hanseatic Town using the button in his Trading Office. The rank of Lord Mayor can only be reached in Hanseatic Towns.

There are twelve Hanseatic Towns. On a standard map, these are Bremen, Cologne, Gdansk, Hamburg, Luebeck, Reval, Riga, Rostock, Stettin, Stockholm, Torun and Visby. Luebeck is the default player's hometown.

Hanseatic Trading Office

Towns designated as Hanseatic Trading Offices cannot be selected as a player's hometown, either at the start of the game or subsequently. In all other respects, they function as Hanseatic Towns.

On standard maps, the four Hanseatic Trading Offices are Bergen, Bruges, London and Novgorod.

Hanseatic Trading Station

Hanseatic Trading Stations can never be chosen as a player's hometown. In addition, these towns do not have a Guild or a Shipyard; only a Repair Yard is available.

On standard maps, the eight Hanseatic Trading Stations are Aalborg, Edinburgh, Groningen, Ladoga, Malmö, Oslo, Ripen [Ribe] and Scarborough. This includes the four new towns added for Patrician III.

Hanseatic Settlement

One of the tasks for the candidates for the rank of Alderman is to establish two Hanseatic Settlements. The option of creating a city is offered in the Town Hall.

Such settlements do not have a Guild building or Shipyard. Their founder has a permanent position of Town Manager, which gives him privileges similar to a Lord Mayor.

A Hanseatic Settlement has no Town Council, so the founder can freely do anything that normally requires a vote, such as change tax rates, expand the military, build Town Walls and levy extra taxes).