Useful downloads related to Patrician III


Patch v11b Beta

The latest patch for Patrician 3.


Patrician III Manual (PDF)

Language Link Mirror
GermanDownload from R. Josephs' resource website[1]
EnglishDownload from Steam website[2]
FrenchDownload from Ascaron website on Web Archive
ItalianDownload from FX Interactive website[3]
SpanishDownload from FX Interactive website[4]

Patrician III Map (PDF)

Language Link
EnglishDownload from Ascaron website on Web Archive
FrenchDownload from Ascaron website on Web Archive

Patrician III Tips: Secrets of the Empire of the Seas (PDF)

Language Link Mirror
EnglishNot avaliable yet
FrenchNot avaliable yet
ItalianDownload from FX Interactive website[5]
SpanishDownload from FX Interactive website[6]

Patrician III Tips: Tips Collection 2010 and Manual Extension (PDF)

Tips from

Language Link Mirror
EnglishDownload from Patrizier Forum website
GermanDownload from Patrizier Forum website[7]



Mods from Steam Community Hub to translate Patrician 3

Language Link
German[Download from Steam Community Hub]
Italian[Download from Steam Community Hub]
Russian[Download from Steam Community Hub]
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