The church has a small but noticeable impact on gameplay. It can be used to increase reputation and to find workers for a production facility.

Church Extension

Church Donation


Click here to pray. This will impress the citizens, who might otherwise charge you with heresy, resulting in a large fine. You can wait for the sermon to end, though it's not required.

Feeding the poor

You can donate some food or drink to attract more beggars to the town. If you donate enough to get the "An extremely generous donation!" message, a large number of beggars will gather during the next few days. Some of them will settle in the city and will try to get a job in one of your workshops (there are four beggars for every worker).

The town has to be properly supplied with goods for the beggars to stay.

The amount needed for a "generous donation" depends on the stock of goods in the city, town population etc. Early on, it's enough to donate a few loads of grain or fish. Later, slightly larger amounts will be necessary. In older versions of the game, players used to donate a number of barrels of beer on the first day, and one every day afterwards. This trick would ensure a steady supply of beggars.

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