Patrician III Wiki

Alderman, is the highest achievable rank in the game

Atributions & Obligations

Alderman can call a Council Meeting in any town, and can cast three votes in every meeting.

The leader of the Hanseatic League is expected to protect the League's interests. If a city levies high taxes or aid pirates, the Alderman must call a Hanse Day on which a Council Meeting will decide whether the League should take action against that city. The Alderman is informed about such events via letter, ignoring the situation will damage the Alderman's reputation.

Minimun Requirements

In order to become a candidate, a trader is required to:

  • be Lord Mayor in a town
  • have high reputation in many cities (guild membership is not required)
  • complete two-three missions (depending on difficulty)

The cheapest and fastest way to become a candidate is to accept pirate-hunting missions, three missions are usually enough to put you on the list of candidates. Failing to accomplish any mission will tag you as unreliable.

The list of candidates and the elections date can be seen in the Hanseatic Info tab of the Town Hall, the most reputable candidate is listed at the top


The available missions are:

Create new town

You have two years to build a new town (including a Town Wall), which should attract at least 1000 citizens by that date.

Stop a notorious pirate

You have a month to hunt down a pirate ship. To locate him, pay the Informer in the tavern and he will tell you where the pirate was last seen. The pirate is not sitting there all the time though, you might need to hunt around or wait for him to show up.

Pirate Hideout

You have a month to destroy a pirate's nest. You are given a map with the location of the hideout. When you approach the location, the nest will appear on the sea map and you'll be able to attack it with your convoy. You need to destroy any defending ships and port cannons.

Bring a town to prosperity

You have a year to attract more citizens to a town that has supply problems. Build houses, businesses and supply it with enough goods to increase the town population.

Overland Trade Route

You have a 5-7 months to estabilish an overland trade route between two towns. You simply need to deliver a large quantity of materials to any of the two towns.